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Vicky + Jordan | Falls of the Ohio Engagement

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

If you know me, you know that I love Fall. I love cozy sweaters, I love fires, I love candy corn (yes, I know it’s waxy...but it still has the flavor of nostalgia!) and I love chilly air. So summer is sort of the season I “get through” to make it to Fall.

But the one thing I love about summer is the gorgeous light!!! The summer sun has the prettiest, “glowiest” light you can ask for. Vicky and Jordan were brave enough to endure the crazy July heat with me to find that fabulous summer light.

We walked A LOT, but the Falls of the Ohio has so many interesting and creative locations to shoot - and with Vicky’s gorgeous dress, the breeze off the Ohio River and that summer light, we got some amazing portraits.

I hadn’t seen Vicky and Jordan since we met last year (which we all know is like 15 years in COVID time) - it was so nice to see them in person again! They are thoughtful planners (which I LOVE), hard workers and and just fun! We are so excited for their October wedding (HELLO FALL WEATHER!) at the new Waterfront Botanical Gardens - happy planning, Vicky and Jordan! We can’t wait to be there!

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