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Noah | 2020 Senior | Covered Bridge Golf Course

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

We humans are amazingly flexible. The past two months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions, changes and stress. But we have adapted to changing circumstances and created new routines and habits in a matter of weeks.

But when I saw the McCallister family get out of their car, I realized that not seeing people will never be a “new normal”. I need people! We need community and nothing can replace the joy of seeing someone face-to-face. After 2 months of no church, it was so fun to see this family and spend an hour taking their portraits.

Noah is one of the 2020 seniors whose last year of high school has been turned upside down. No sports, no goodbyes to classmates and teachers, no prom and no graduation. It’s a lot of unexpected change, but Noah (and all the seniors of 2020) has taken it all in stride. Noah is a golfer, so it made sense to take his portraits at Covered Bridge in Sellersburg, IN. If you know anything about golf (spoiler alert…I don’t know much), you know it takes a steady hand and great focus. Of course, I was so excited to see PEOPLE again, that I may or may not have disturbed several golfing parties with my loud laughter (especially when the wind took everyone's hair for a ride...). Oh well.

In the Fall, Noah will be attending Liberty University in the fall with his brother Hayden! Congratulations, Noah! I’m glad we know you and your family and we are excited for you to start college life in the Fall!

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