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Matt + Kelsey | A Classic Refinery Wedding | Jeffersonville, IN

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You know it’s going to be a wonderful day when you walk into the bride’s home, everyone is calmly putting on makeup, the bride is HAPPY, and it’s sunny outside when you expected rain! And that exactly how Friday started out - the rain that was in the forecast was nonexistent, everyone had smiles on their faces, Dad was making jokes and Memaw was happily wandering from room to room, keeping an eye on everyone. Exactly the way you would want to start a wedding day.

And even the normal stresses couldn’t diminish the joy that swept over Kelsey’s face when she walked down the aisle and saw her groom for the first time that day. You can just see the peace that seemed to wash over her when their eyes met. Someone asked me what my favorite moment of my own wedding day was. After thinking about it, the moment of seeing Jeremy at the end of the aisle was simply the happiest thing I can remember from the entire day. Knowing that you will walk away from that altar with your best friend, now committed for life, for better for worse, in sickness and health…it’s wonderful.

From getting ready, to the beautiful floral details prepared with love by Julia, Matt’s sister and the bridesmaids, to the tiny details (like the charm from Kelsey’s parent’s wedding on her bouquet), Matt and Kelsey’s wedding was full of family love. One of my favorite images from the day is the moment that Kelsey’s dad hands her off to Matt and they both look at her with adoration in their eyes…I found myself getting misty-eyed at the sweetness of the moment.

Matt and Kelsey, thank you so much for inviting Jeremy and I into your wedding day - we felt right at home in YOUR homes, welcomed by your families and are so thrilled for you all! Enjoy your honeymoon this week!

Dress: Regiss Bridal

Hair: Sierra Phillips, The Fenley Studio

Floral: Julia O'Connor

Ceremony Venue: St. Aloysious Church

Reception Venue: The Refinery

Caterer: Heitzman Traditional Bakery

Cake/Cupcakes: Heitzman Traditional Bakery

DJ: Sound Specialist Entertainment

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