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Married Monday | Our Wedding

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

In honor of Valentine's Day, today is #MarriedMonday and a tribute to my incredible husband and our happy wedding day. I'm always surprised by how little I remember big days - the moments pass by so quickly that you forget to take it all in.  In our favorite show "The Office", I love how Pam and Jim take "mental snapshots" of the special moments of their day - that wedding episode makes me cry every time!

The 10 things I DO remember vividly about our wedding day:

1. Not sleeping the night before (aka telling myself every hour YOU NEED TO GO TO SLEEP with no luck)

2. Getting ready at my parents' house and thinking "this is the last time I'm going to take a shower, walk downstairs, eat breakfast etc. as a single woman!" (can you tell, I was REALLY excited)

3. My sister breaking out her mini Bluetooth speaker and iPod to play music while we got dressed at the church (it was 2013 and I still had a flip phone)

4. Realizing that we had totally forgotten to get lunch for the bridal party, when my dad walked in with sandwich trays for everyone (what a hero!)

5. Getting to see Jeremy for our first look - I'm so glad we did this so that we could spend the majority of our wedding day together (and that's part of why we love to recommend this to our brides!). We had so much fun!

6. Waiting for the 5 minutes before the ceremony where the nerves kicked back in!

7. Walking down the aisle to meet my fiancé and leaving the altar with my husband!

8. My dad beautifully improvising at the altar and saying in response to the "who gives this woman" question: "it is with great honor and joy that her mother and I do"

9. The 10 minute drive from the ceremony to the reception with just me and my HUSBAND

10. Driving away from our reception knowing that everything was different in the very best kind of way <3

I'm so grateful for these photos that Haaken Magnuson took for us. They help us remember the moments we might have otherwise forgotten with the busyness of the day.

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