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Kara + Lloyd | Indiana Portrait Session

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

You know that feeling when you've looked for 15 minutes for something...really looked for it...and then it shows up right in front of your face? That's how I felt when I discovered there was a woods and secluded path literally minutes from our house. I'd spent hours trying to think of a fun place for our family portraits that would be close to home, would have great light and still have some autumn colors. And then I realized that we lived only minutes from 26 acres of undeveloped land that was technically deemed a city park. We've lived in our home for 2 years and didn't have a clue! What a find, right in the middle of suburbia!

I'm blessed to have a very talented sister (two talented sisters actually!) who are not only alike in the fact that we have curly hair but can also trade taking family portraits - what a gift! Kara and Lloyd were patient enough with our portrait requests and with our hungry little person (you can see below that Lloyd ended up winning Emma's affection with goldfish) and I was able to take their portraits too! I shared a little about Lloyd's proposal to Kara on instagram a few weeks back and how grateful we are for the man that he is. If you know Kara, you've probably heard people say "is anyone good enough for Kara?!?" because she is just that wonderful. And it's been a joy to see Lloyd be the perfect fit for my sister (and her for him!) . And if you can't tell from the images below, he's got a pretty rad sense of humor. Love you, Kara and Lloyd!

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