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John + Ellen | Simpsonville, KY Engagement

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

We planned to meet up in March. But then we got quarantined. A few days after John and Ellen first emailed me, we started hearing about this virus that was spreading. Since there were so few cases in the US, I wasn’t worried…we’d put it off a few weeks. Then state after state started locking down and finally I realized this was for real. As months ticked by and things started reopening, we thought we’d try to find a coffee shop where we could sit outside and chat. Who knew that would be such a monumental challenge! Finally, after trekking to a coffee shop in the middle of nowhere Indiana, braving the infamous IN-62 roundabout and sitting outside in the heat, we were able to talk about their wedding day.

But when you get to know John and Ellen, you find out that they have a little spark of adventure about them anyway. They braved poison ivy, mosquitos and other critters to take some of their portraits in a daisy field. Ellen climbed fences in her dress…they were committed! They’re planning a wedding during the craziness that is 2020. They’re fun, easy-going and they LOVE each other.

John and Ellen are getting married this October, and we are so excited that we get the opportunity to be a part of their day. It’s always so exciting to see people who are best friends AND getting married. There’s so many aspects of marriage that are made 100x better if you are experiencing them with your best friend. I can’t recommend it enough. :-) John and Ellen, I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from your shoot - I'm so glad we took the chance and waded through the tall grass!

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