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Hunter Family | Fall Mini Session

When you start to be "from" somewhere, you realize how long you've known some people. Sarah was probably the first person I met from Southern Indiana, because I met her online before we moved here. Most of the details escape me, but I remember her online username had something to do with "purple" (her favorite color) and that I was super shy to meet her in person. To be honest, 14 year old Beth was super shy to meet ANYONE in person.

But here we are, 15 years later after speech and debate, field trips, dorm room life (thanks for doing all my dishes, Sarah), weddings, jobs and babies...and I'm so glad I know Sarah (and Austin too :D). Our busy lives keep us from getting together much anymore, but every time I see them, I wish we had more time. And can you believe how ADORABLE Sarah and Austin's littles are?! These girls are precious!

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