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Fresh Air and Lots of Walks

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

It feels like years since I shared last, when in reality it's only been a month. But I think that's a pretty universal feeling right now - March was the longest month we've ever experienced. So much has changed, so many weird details are "normal" now (masks at the Chick-Fil-A drive thru, anyone?) and we're all just feeling "out of whack".

For the Sumners family, we are thankful to be safe and healthy, to have jobs that allow us to work from home, for great technology that allows us to worship with our church family from our home and for some amazing caregivers for Emma during the workweek. Our lives has been minimally inconvenienced, but it's nothing compared to the sorrow, stress and financial devastation that some families are dealing with right now. We do not take that for granted.

On a photography front, since our industry is considered "non-essential", it has limited the sessions we've been able to take on, engagement sessions have had to be postponed and weddings have had to be moved. It has weighed heavily on me for the couples who have had to think about moving their wedding day, limiting guest lists, fearing for elderly relatives and dealing with their own work and life stress on top of "normal" wedding planning. It's a hard time, but I think it emphasizes the beauty and preciousness of marriage - I wouldn't want anyone besides Jeremy to be my quarantine partner and we have both had to lean on the Lord and each other HARD over the past month (note the Emma attitude in one of the images below...you might get an idea of what I mean). I'm not going to lie, spending every weeknight with your best friend is a pretty sweet deal. We're here for all our sweet couples and hopeful that they will each experience the joy of marriage in the next year, even with delays and changes.

Even with the limitations on formal sessions, we've been able to capture some sweet moments from our own life over the past month. If you've been following my Insta-stories, you've seen that we've been on a LOT of walks. We've explored our neighborhood, checked out some new parks , eaten breakfast on the deck and gotten a lot of takeout. Emma is 100% an outside girl (we're really not sure where she got this...) and loves to be in the fresh air. That calls for breakfast outside, lunch outside, walks in the rain and picking every flower or weed that we pass by. We love our precious girl and she makes quarantine super fun.

I am itching to shoot more sessions and looking forward to a day when we can stand closer than 6 feet apart again. But for now, I'm thankful for health, the joy in everyday activities and the privilege we have to rest during this season.

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