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Cydney + Brandon | Southern Indiana Engagement

I'd like to say that I don't have any embarrassing stories from portrait sessions - but that would be completely untrue (to be clear, these stories are all embarrassing to me, not my sweet couples!). Brandon and Cydney were witness to my latest. I arrived to our session in downtown New Albany early and parked next to Brandon's car. Well, of course I see him sitting in his car, wave at him and assume that we're waiting for Cyndey. 5 minutes passes, I'm just checking emails and I wonder "where could she be?". I look over at his car again and realize that Cydney is sitting there in the passenger's. Somehow the car door frame had blocked her when I pulled up and I completely missed that we had all been sitting next to each other for 5 minutes doing nothing. *inward groan* I'm glad I looked up when I did, otherwise who knows how long we would have sat there! Brandon and Cydney were (of course) gracious and said "we thought maybe you weren't ready yet!"

If you know Brandon and Cydney, you know that it’s rare not to see these two together (that should've be my first clue!) - they have been inseparable since they started dating in high school. They walk together, attend church together, study together and serve together. I've known Brandon since he was in elementary school and Cydney for the past 6 years (we got to hang out every Wednesday evening when I took her home from student ministry for a while...once when she was a senior in high school, we figured out that she was younger than my car! I am now the proud owner of a car that is younger than Cydney). We're so happy that they're getting married and thankful that we get to see them every week in church! Brandon and Cydney, we can't wait for your wedding day in November!

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