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Brea + Daniel | Louisville, KY Engagement

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Louisville may seem like a big city. I thought that when I moved to the area 16 years ago. But when you’ve lived here for a while, you start to realize that you have connections with EVERYBODY. A friend at church was the original connection to Brea and Daniel, but we soon found out that they are part of my sister’s small group too! As we talked we realized how connected we really were - who would have thought! Needless to say, we are really glad now that we are connected, because Brea and Daniel are truly a joy to be around.

They are just so excited to get married. It is ALL OVER their faces. They can barely look at each other without big grins or happy laughs. And they should be excited!! After weeks of not seeing each other during the worst of COVID-19, work schedules and nursing classes, getting married is just the happiest thing that could happen. And I think it’s obvious from these portraits!

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you ask “are you sure you want to go through all those weeds to get to that spot?” and they say “of course!!” We fought through overgrown paths, climbed hills, walked over the course of most of Brown Park and they were troopers!! I think I can say, it was worth it!!! When I walked in the door at home afterwards, I told Jeremy “we had so much fun!”

Brea and Daniel, we are so excited you’re getting married and can’t wait for August!! It’s so soon, only a few more weeks to wait!

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