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Allison + Colton | Joe Huber's Farm Wedding in Starlight, IN

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

If I’m being honest, I’m a little nosy. Ok, if you know me, you know that I am A LOT nosy. I can usually keep it inside, but sometimes...I just gotta know!! I’m also a sucker for romance, so when you combine the two, color me intrigued!!

So when our friend Allison told our community group that she was dating someone, I whipped out my phone and asked “ooooooooh, is he on Facebook?! Let’s look him up!!”

Jeremy and I are part of a community group at our church (friends who are family to us) and had gotten to know Allison over the past two years and enjoyed teasing her about potential boyfriends. After she REFUSED to tell us his name at first (she knew how nosy I am!), we finally got her to share a little about this mystery man. She said he was kind, gentle and patient; a funny guy who thought she was funny too. Someone who loved the Lord and wanted to grow in Christlikeness. Pretty high praise!

This OBVIOUSLY did not help our curiosity, so we were super excited to finally learn Colton’s name and get to know him too. His consistency and transparency in our community group (a group of people he had never met before!) endeared him to us. And soon...Colton proposed and Allison said yes!

Jeremy and I had the privilege of walking with them through premarital counseling and then of photographing their wedding. These two are so servant-hearted. After their cake tasting, they brought us leftover cupcakes and not even 2 weeks ago, Allison watched Emma for us on a Saturday just so we could get some restful time together. We love Mr. and Mrs. Berry and we are excited to live life with them as a newly married couple!

Moments you can't miss:

- Allison's first look with her dad <3

- Colton going full "Hulk" and the audible rip in his jacket

- Christmas-themed groomsman socks

- The GORGEOUS December sunset

- Baby Ellie, the youngest (and very popular) member of our community group

- Our whole group in one big family photo!

Venue/Caterer | Joe Huber's Family Farm and Restaurant

Makeup | Baileigh Trulove

Hair | Hair by Maddie

Cake | Frosting & Flour Bakery

Floral | Gatherings

Dress | David's Bridal

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