In a difficult year, Jeremy and I feel especially blessed to have had a long list of couples who have been flexible and even cheerful about the many changes and nuances this year has thrown at them. Couples have cut guest lists. They’ve had to incorporate safety into their celebrations. They’ve had to reschedule with short notice. And through everything, they’ve still stood at the altar, committed to one another through “better or worse” and left their wedding days with joy. We are so honored to have been part of each of their wedding days and it was a joy to finish off the year with Brandon and Cydney in our own home church.

The moment that Brandon turned around to see Cydney for the first time at their first look, you could see the nerves just melt away from both of them and the joy set in. You’ll see what I mean below - I had tears in my eyes just watching them! My favorite part was hearing Cydney’s mom’s giggle all the way across the parking lot as she watched them - so sweet!

Brandon and Cydney had to juggle a lot of things with COVID restrictions that came out the week of their wedding, but you wouldn’t have known it from the relaxed way that they celebrated the rest of their wedding day. They ate lunch, laughed with their families and friends and then separated before they met at the altar again to worship together and make their public commitment to one another. With a reception limited by gathering restrictions, it didn’t stop them from celebrating with close family, eating some delicious cake and smiling the evening away. It was a special joy for Jeremy and I to finish out a busy year of weddings in the church that we love with so many of the church family members that we love. Brandon and Cydney, we are so thankful that we know you and honored to see your marriage grow over the years!


Venue: Oak Park Baptist Church

Dress: David's Bridal

Hair/Makeup: Kendra Beach

Catering: Mary Wallace

Cake: Frosting & Flour Bakery

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Like all things in 2020, Vicky and Jordan’s wedding had some last minute changes that could have thrown anyone off. But their calm, level-headed demeanors and Vicky’s amazing ability to plan (seriously, her wedding day timeline was one for the record books...I almost cried tears of joy when I first saw it!) saw them through the day with minimal hiccups and plenty of time for sweet memories with family and friends.

It was so sweet to see Jordan tear up for the special moments of the day - the first time he saw his bride, reading letters to one another and dancing with his mom. Jordan and Vicky balance each other out so well and that’s been clear since the moment I met them for coffee to talk about their wedding. Their friendship is real and they keep each other grounded with their different personalities, interests and humor. My favorite uncaptured moment of the day: Jordan taking a running slide across the dance floor!! He made Vicky crack up laughing and it was pretty clear that was the intent all along.

Even since Vicky and Jordan told me they were getting married at the Waterfront Botanical Gardens, I’ve been so excited to shoot there. Louisville has such an interesting array of museums and galleries but it’s incredibly exciting to see a new place for outdoor enthusiasts who want to learn more about the flora and fauna of the area (and it made for a gorgeous event venue!). All the details of sculptures, fountains, the layout of the gardens were meticulously designed and so beautiful, even as the gardens continue to grow and mature. Our experience there did not disappoint and I can’t wait to go back soon and take a long tour for my own pleasure!

Vicky and Jordan, we had a wonderful time with you and loved being a part of your wedding day - enjoy these portraits on your honeymoon this week!!


Venue: Waterfront Botannical Gardens

Dress: Rebecca's Wedding Boutique

Floral: Edelweiss Floral

Hair Stylist: Selena Burton

Makeup Artist: Brittany Thompson

Catering: Kingsley's Catering

Cake: Annie May's Sweet Cafe

DJ: Chase Carter

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With the threat of Hurricane Delta showing a significant chance of rain for Saturday, Ellen and John had the perfect reason to be a little stressed about their wedding day. As I watched the forecast every day last week, I saw chances go from 30% to 90% in a matter of hours. Jeremy and I packed umbrellas, raincoats and rain gear for our equipment. We brainstormed portrait locations and thought through 1000x different scenarios. But as Friday came, the chances of rain steadily went back down to 30%, then 20%. On John and Ellen’s perfect wedding day, it sprinkled for about 30 seconds on the way to the reception and then the SUN came out and gave us an amazing sky. Who would have ever thought that we would narrowly escape a torrential downpour?! As John said, it really was a miracle.

Ellen and John’s wedding was completely a family effort - from the barn built for the reception (finished only a few weeks ago!), the beautiful florals designed by the groom’s sister Julia to the gorgeous (and delicious!!) cake made by another one of the groom’s sisters, Mary Kate. Family runs deep for the Hart’s and Fahy’s and it was so beautifully clear on Saturday. It's so delightful to start a wedding day by seeing familiar faces and since we photographed John's brother Matt and his bride Kelsey's wedding earlier this year, we felt right at home!

As I talked with Ellen’s mom at the reception, she said “the way John looks at Ellen....he just loves her so much” and you can tell that from these portraits. Throughout the day, we saw John keep his eyes only on his bride (and then wife!). It's always such a refreshing sight to us when the couple just wants to be together on their wedding day - talking together and just enjoying being newlyweds. John and Ellen, I hope you're getting some well-deserved relaxation on your honeymoon - we're so honored to have been part of your day!


Ceremony Venue: St. Aloysius Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Fahy Family Farm

Dress: Bridal Warehouse

Floral: Julia O'Connor

Hair Stylist: Colleen Kenny

Catering: Martin's BBQ

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