Meet Beth

Hi, I'm Beth and I'm the girl behind the camera at Beth Sumners Photography.  I live in Jeffersonville, IN with my husband (and second shooter) Jeremy and our precious daughter Emma.  Although I'd like to say our free time is full of exciting things, at this season in our lives, it's much more likely that we're napping, watching The Office on Netflix or eating baby Puffs with Emma.  :-) We love our little family and we love taking photos of yours!  I've been taking photos since I was in elementary school, but professionally since 2014. 
Almost every time we drive home from a wedding or family shoot, I turn to Jeremy and say "I just love love!"  It gives me so much joy to watch and capture beautiful moments behind my camera and even more joy to share them with you.  As I get older, I realize how fast time goes by and how easy it is to forget those sweet memories -  it is my pleasure to be able to photograph those memories for you. 

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